“Ethereal Diva” goes to Jasaan, Misamis Oriental!

written by: Jaype Pag-usara Luhit


After her phenomenal Asap Versus guesting, LAARNI LOZADA has numerous invitations from different ‘gigs’ and ‘shows’ nationwide. Together with the Ethereal Diva is the PINOY BOYBAND SUPERSTAR / Live in Jasaan, Misamis on August 31, 2018, Jasaan Municipal Covered Court.

Knowingly, in her TV guesting hiatus, Laarni already had numerous out of town shows here and abroad. Her singing prowess makes her in demand despite the absence of TV appearances previously. Likewise, her unparalleled singing ability makes her outshine in 10 years being in singing industry! Remarkably, her singing charisma making her indeed, ETHEREAL!

Laarni’s ‘bonggacious’ come back lately moved all Laarnians and other netizens worldwide.

I’d been forever thankful to all people who keep on trusting my capability. Singing is my dream profession. Been joining singing competition since I was a little kid. So here I am now. I will continue to sing to all those who keep on believing me. I will continue to inspire people through my songs.”-Laarni said


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