Laarni Lozada as the Voice and Ambassador of Youth Revolution


The coalition of different civic groups headed by Atty. Candelaria “Candy” Rivas and Ms. Rita Villareal (Principal of Capiz National High School) conceptualized an event that helped a lot of students in response to the alarming rate of suicide caused by depression among the youth in all parts of the country.

36826271_1874988012588707_7665499639528816640_nThis ‘Youth Revolution’ was recently held at the Capiz Gym, Villareal Stadium and attended by more than 6,000 students. The said event featured the ABS-CBN Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Champion / Ethereal Diva, Laarni Lozada, who brought an awe-inspiring entertainment to the participants. It was a jam-packed afternoon concert as Laarni performed her hits and inspirational songs. Aside from sharing her singing talent, Laarni has become a source of inspiration for the youth.

Message from Laarni’s Instagram: 

sobrang saya ko kc we had a very successful event at Roxas City Capiz. punong puno po ang Capiz Gymnasium yesterday. To those who watched and attended the “Youth Revolution” headed by my Aunt Attorney Candy Rivas thank you! Hope everyone will continue to support our advocacy and let us continue to pray not only for the youth, but also for the people battling depression etc.. Good day! 💕❤ #angkabataanangpagasangbayan”

The advocacy was also supported by a lot of artists such as Aegis band, Ms. Imelda Papin and Ms. Claire dela Fuente.

Watch the videos from Aegis, Imelda Papin and Claire dela Fuente here:

It was a well-applauded and successful event indeed as the students have been facilitated and taught how to battle depression. In today’s era, it is not rare for young people to feel down or experience mood swings. Adolescence is a stage of life where a teenager is confused with physical, emotional, psychological, and social changes happening in their daily lives.

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The journey of this advocacy will not end here as per Atty. Rivas. Supporting her were the various working people for the Lord and Vice-Governor Nonoy Contreras. Their group is planning to spread the spiritual revival in our country with the guidance and blessing of the Lord. 

Laarni Lozada on how she fought depression

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Umagang Biritan with Laarni Lozada sa UKG!

Laarni Lozada UKG

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5 days after the most impressive episode of ASAP Versus that made noise on social media, the Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Grand Champion/Ethereal Diva, Laarni Lozada then showcased her magnificent singing talent in Umagang Kay Ganda studio. Laarni was invited by the UKG management to sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Gerry and The Pacemakers which, she and her co-singer, Eumee Capile sang on ASAP stage for the versus segment last June 3, 2018.

ASAP Versus: Eumee vs. Laarni

Her rendition garnered a lot of comments from different people. During her UKG guesting, hosts including Winnie Cordero said that Laarni Lozada’s ASAP performance was extraordinary. Co-hosts such as K Brosas and Anthony Taberna also mentioned that they have expected a powerful performance from the Ethereal Diva because she seemed unstoppable even during the rehearsals.

UKG: Umagang Biritan with Laarni Lozada

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Her biggest comeback on ASAP brought her to Umagang Kay Ganda and she was happily and warmly welcomed by the management. She performed series of songs that she mastered throughout her journey and as a typical Laarni Lozada, she did not disappoint UKG and its audiences.

We all know that Laarni is known for her versatility and consistency when it comes to singing. Well, she proved this once more by her flawless UKG performance. The day was still young but that did not stop the star from giving her best and that’s what made her admirable for most people and especially for her Laarnians family. She is truly a singing prowess!


Laarni Lozada returns on ASAP stage!

Laarni Lozada on ASAP Versus

“I dare to dream the impossible. At ngayong diva na ako, don’t you dare na hamunin ako!”  © ASAPOFFICIAL (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)


Last June 3, 2018, a vocal face-off between Laarni  Lozada and Eumee happened in the number 1 and longest-running musical variety show in the Philippines, ASAP. 

In their segment, “ASAP Versus”, the two performers did a fantastic and breathtaking vocal battle as they belt out “The Impossible Dream”, “Somewhere”, and “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Laarni was first recognized and hailed as the Grand Star Dreamer of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2, and now, tagged as The Ethereal Diva. 



It was a superb comeback for Laarni! She did not disappoint the viewers as she showcased once again her phenomenal and world-class talent. 


Many netizens were captivated by her vocal prowess that made her shine from the very start up to their last song. She was the total package and called “monster” the moment she sustained flawlessly the last note for almost 18 seconds. An Ethereal Diva, indeed!



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Laarni truly proved and reminded us all why she won and how magnificent she is. A round of applause with standing ovation!