Laarni Lozada returns on ASAP stage!

Laarni Lozada on ASAP Versus

“I dare to dream the impossible. At ngayong diva na ako, don’t you dare na hamunin ako!”  © ASAPOFFICIAL (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)


Last June 3, 2018, a vocal face-off between Laarni  Lozada and Eumee happened in the number 1 and longest-running musical variety show in the Philippines, ASAP. 

In their segment, “ASAP Versus”, the two performers did a fantastic and breathtaking vocal battle as they belt out “The Impossible Dream”, “Somewhere”, and “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Laarni was first recognized and hailed as the Grand Star Dreamer of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2, and now, tagged as The Ethereal Diva. 


It was a superb comeback for Laarni! She did not disappoint the viewers as she showcased once again her phenomenal and world-class talent. 


Many netizens were captivated by her vocal prowess that made her shine from the very start up to their last song. She was the total package and called “monster” the moment she sustained flawlessly the last note for almost 18 seconds. An Ethereal Diva, indeed!


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Laarni truly proved and reminded us all why she won and how magnificent she is. A round of applause with standing ovation! 

ASAP Versus (behind the scenes)


ABSCBN News: Ilang singers na sumalang sa ‘Versus’ segment sa ASAP, umapela na tigilan na ang bashing.


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