Laarni Lozada became an ‘instant talk’ in social media after two successful ASAP Versus guesting

written by: Jaype Pag-usara Luhit

Laarni Lozada has a huge come back after quite a long time she never had a TV guesting. Her name became an instant talk on social media after her first face off with TNT (Tawag Ng Tanghalan) grand finalist Eumee Capili. In her successful showdown with Eumee, Lozada trended on twitter and numerous of netizens reacted on facebook and youtube videos lauding her unparallelled singing prowess.

Proving that fame, Laarni has once again invited by the number one biggest and longest-running Sunday musical-variety show and this time with her new opponent Katrina Velarde popularly known as “Suklay Diva.” The face off amazed the world after the two clashers became trending on twitter.

Lozada landed on trending list from number 5 down to number 8 for 6 hours running. It proves that she has once again impressed the viewers with her incredible vocal ability. Their youtube video got more than 300K views in 2 days running and still counting up to this day.

What’s new for the Ethereal Diva after the two super successful Asap Versus guesting? She is in line with numbers of TV guestings and one of these will happen next week. Something we can look forward for the Ethereal Diva.

“I’d like to thank those people who keep on believing me. People who never fade on supporting me then and now. I got the best supporters ever. Thank you Laarnians for being so behave. Thank you also to ASAP. They’d been my family since then and up to now.”- Lozada said.




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